Thrown together by Lindsay Silver

A simple Chart.js wrapper for Angular

Angles.js is a set of directives that wrap the chart.js library for use with angular. Just include the angles.js file, add "angles" to your list of app requirements and check out the source for use. More to come.

As usual, I reserve no rights to this work. It's yours to do what you wish. Check out the source or github for details.

Download from Github

Basic Usage

Line Chart

Bar Chart

Radar Chart

Polar Area Chart

Pie Chart

Doughnut Charts

Advance Usage


Canvas element support width and height parameters on declaration, if you don't do canvas take dimensions of the container


Auto Width and Height

Width adn Height Predefined


Now CharJS have Completely responsive featured, Angles, support this from two metods

  1. Add responsive property in canvas element
  2. Add responsive option in scope options



Now Angles and CharJS allow you insert Legend of the graph, you only need add "legend=true" attribute in canvas and the legend added after the graph. The template for this legend is a legendTemplate in the chart options

Remember you need add CSS style at this legend.